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Conservation is the key to sustainable development. While Development involves the use of Natural Resources, conservation helps in ensuring sustainability of development for the present without foreclosing the options for future generations. Meghalaya is endowed with vast natural resources & bio diversity. However, there has been largely a bypass in the judicious use of natural resources & bio diversity.


Institute of Natural Resources Management

The Institute of Natural Resources Management (INRM) is one of the three Institutes established under the overall umbrella of the Meghalaya Basin Development Authority (MBDA). The Institute’s main objective is to manage and strengthen knowledge for natural resources and sustainable livelihoods. The Meghalaya Institute of Natural Resource seeks to address the issues regarding sustainable natural resources use by strengthening and empowering the capacity of the concerned stakeholders particularly, farming communities and other entrepreneurs who are directly depending on the natural resources for meeting their basic and livelihoods needs.


Enriching and empowering all the stakeholders with clean and green technologies.


To pursue enrichment and empowerment of the people/community with time tested conservation technologies, management practices and knowledge for improved productivity and profitability without deteriorating the natural resource base.


In pursuance of the vision and to attain the goal, the Institute of Natural Resources Management shall pursue on the objectives underlined below:

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